Course description

The Barbering School Level 3 Fast Track Barbering Course is a certificated training programme for barbers 'to be' and was developed with professionals as the benchmark for the role of a Level 3 Barber.

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to work within settings offering barbering services. The course prepares you to understand and be able to treat customers without any supervision of a qualified barber, you will be able work completely independently. 

This Level 3 Fast Track Barbering Course is made up of modules that blend knowledge and skills that allow you to contextualise your training to working in a barbers shop. This includes learning aimed at infection prevention and hygiene, treating customers who want various different styles of hair cuts, understanding contraindications and also use of equipment and tools that are standard in the barbering industry.

You will attend a mandatory 2 week hands on practical barber training course where you will be taught the practical skills needed in a realistic environment.

Our certificated course is suitable for learners aged 16 and above.

Barbering is a customer focused treatment and you should enjoy working with members of the public and obtain a sense of satisfaction knowing you are able to make a positive difference to someone’s lifestyle with your barbering services.

The Barbering School Level 3 Fast Track Barbering Course is available for those looking to join the barbering industry. It is recommended by professionals for entry into the role of Level 3 Barbering within an environment offering barbering services.

By taking this course it shows as a sign of professionalism to your customers and colleagues.


What this training course could lead to:

On completion of this course, you may be able to gain employment, for example:

· Part time barber

· Full time barber

· Open your own barber shop (after a brief period of further practice)

· Self employed mobile barber 

Barbering School Level 3 Fast Track Barbering Course content and structure:

  • Introduction to barbering
  • Health & Safety
  • Consultations
  • Contraindications
  • Preparation
  • Client assessment
  • Shampooing
  • Scissor cutting basics
  • Scissor cutting intermediate
  • Scissor cutting advanced
  • Clipper cutting basics
  • Clipper cutting intermediate
  • Clipper cutting advanced
  • Fading/Blending basics
  • Fading/Blending intermediate
  • Longer hair basics
  • Traditional style haircuts
  • Modern style haircuts
  • Finishing products and techniques
  • Styling products and techniques
  • Shaving basics
  • Shaving intermediate/advanced (hot towel Turkish shave/cut throat razor)
  • Review
  • Certification


    Primary learning objectives of the Barbering School Level 3 Fast Track Barbering Course training programme:

1.        Be able to do basic, intermediate and advanced male haircuts to level 3 standards

P   To demonstrate basic and intermediate/advanced shaving techniques (hot towel Turkish shave/cut throat razor)

2.       Learn how to become a confident and competent barber

D   Develop your knowledge of barbering products and services

5.       Learn and understand barbering related terminology

6.       Understand the importance of continuous professional development training


Study level

Our programme has been designed in an easy to follow and understand format so learners from all backgrounds can benefit. We have determined the level of study for this course is level 3.



You will be continually assessed throughout the course by your tutor. Your tutor will review your progress and provide guidance and feedback to help you complete the course.

In addition to the continual assessment you will also be required to complete some haircuts without any assistance to demonstrate your abilities.

Barbering School focuses on hands on practice. We do not ask you to complete any written exams or assessments. 100% practical based training.

Certification – Barbering School Level 3 Fast Track Barbering Course

On successful completion of this training course you will be awarded our Level 3 Barbering Certificate. You will also receive a module summary certificate which lists all the modules you have completed as part of your course, this may be used to gain ‘recognition of prior learning’ for progression on to other courses/qualifications.


Before deciding to enrol on this course you must first contact our course advisers by calling 0800 118 5021 or filling out the form at the bottom of this page where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Once you have decided to enrol, let your course adviser know and be ready to make payment for your course fees.

Entry requirements:

  • A good level of spoken English
  • Ability to communicate effectively 
  • No previous qualifications required
  • Complete beginners welcome

Additional course information

This 2 week intensive barbering course covers basic/intermediate and some advanced barbering which will take you from beginner to level 3 certificated barber in just 2 weeks. On completion of this fast track barbering course we recommend you begin using your skills straight away and continue to develop knowledge, speed and accuracy without the need for supervision, you will possess the skills required to work independently. 

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Quality Teaching

Our courses are taught by experienced barbers with a minimum of 15 years experience. Some of our tutors have more than 30 years experience in the barbering industry. Your tutor will always be nationally qualified through institutions such as City & Guilds who have a long and trusted history. Our tutors are dedicated to sharing their vast knowledge and skills with you in a way which will bring out your own creative talents. Developing you into a skilled and confident barber is what our tutors thrive for, their experiences from the past and skills from the present will make you stand out from the crowd. Throughout each year all our tutors regularly attend seminars, conferences and barbering master class training days to learn fresh skills, trends and knowledge of the barbering industry as it develops. 

Training location

This course is offered in Manchester. Please speak to our customer services team for more information.


Group class: £1999 per person

Group classes have no more than 5 students.

Private class: £2499 per person

Private classes are taught with just you and the tutor.

Customised class: £2499 per person

Customised classes are taught in group and private with flexibility. You can choose your own dates and times to work around your schedule.

Course dates


Further questions ?

View our FAQ section to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our fast track barbering courses then fill out the form below or call our customer services team on 0800 118 5021.

2 Week Fast Track Barbering Course - CALL BACK REQUEST

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When do you plan to start the course?

Do you have any previous barbering experience ?

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Which class option would you prefer ?

Before submitting this form please ensure you have entered all your information correctly and that you have answered all the questions. Forms received that are incomplete will be disregarded.

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