Evening Barbering Training Courses For Beginners:

Evening Barbering Training Courses - Masterclasses:


Do you want to learn to become a professional barber ? If you are currently in employment or have other commitments which make it difficult for you to attend regular day time courses then our evening barbering courses in Manchester may be more convenient and just what you need to finally achieve your goal of mastering the art of barbering. Now is the perfect time to get involved, the economic growth rate of the barbering industry is set to soar over 300% in the next 12-18 months. Be part of a financially stable and in demand industry. For more information please read below or to view the courses, click on the links above.

Evening Barbering Courses - How the courses are run

We offer part time evening barbering courses at 3 different levels + individual masterclasses. Unlike our full time day barbering courses (fast track) where you can select the level of training required and go directly to that level, for example, if your ultimate goal is to achieve a level 3 in barbering, you can select that specific course which will also include levels 1 and 2, there is no need to take separate courses for levels 1 & 2. 

Our evening barber courses are run in a similar way to that of a local college in regards to the structure of the levels. Every candidate must first start with our Level 1 Part Time Barbering Course which you will attend one evening per week for 4 weeks. Once completed, you can progress onto our Level 2 Part Time Barbering Course, attendance is once per week (evenings) for 8 weeks. Those who wish to advance their skills further may choose to undertake our Level 3 Part Time Barbering Course, taught over 8 weeks, one weekday evening per week. Finally, we have developed specialist masterclasses if you choose to focus and specialise on certain areas of barbering such as skin fades, colouring for men and celebrity styling.

Part Time Barbering Courses - How long do they take to complete

Our evening barbering courses in Manchester usually start between 5-6pm and finish at 8-9pm. Each barbering night course will have specific details but generally attendance will be once or twice per week. 

Level 1 Evening Barbering Course - 4 weeks
Level 2 Evening Barbering Course - 8 weeks
Level 3 Evening Barbering Course - 8 weeks

If you would like to complete all 3 levels consecutively (advanced booking required) this can be achieved in just 20 weeks. 

If you have more time available to attend on a full time basis, please take a look at our fast track barbering courses which can be completed in 1-6 weeks by attending full time, 5-6 days per week.

Manchester Barbering Courses - Training locations

We have training venues located in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas. The exact location for each evening barbering course will be determined at the time of booking. If you are looking for a barbering course in Manchester, Stockport, Macclesfield, Salford or surrounding areas then all of our locations are easily accessible. 

Part Time Evening Barbering training courses in Manchester - 4 locations
Part Time Evening Barbering training courses in Salford - 3 locations
Part Time Evening Barbering training courses in Stockport - 3 locations
Part Time Evening Barbering Training Courses in Bolton - 2 locations
Part Time Evening Barbering Training Courses in Sale - 1 location
Part Time Evening Barbering Training Courses in Oldham - 2 locations
Part Time Evening Barbering Training Courses in Rochdale - 2 locations
Part Time Evening Barbering Training Courses in Chester - 2 locations
Part Time Evening Barbering Training Courses in Crewe - 1 location
Part Time Evening Barbering Training Courses in Warrington - 3 locations

Beginners Barbering Courses - Who can attend

To attend any of our part time evening barbering courses you should have zero or little experience of barbering, be enthusiastic and willing to learn.
If you already have barbering experience you should take a look at our fast track barbering courses.

Basic requirements:
Be available to attend every week with no missed classes
Be aged 16 or over (our candidates are usually from a diverse range of backgrounds, career changers, college leavers, professionals, retirees)
Be able to speak and understand English to a good standard
Have no previous barbering experience (or very little)
Demonstrate a genuine interest in pursuing barbering as a career

Manchester NVQ Barbering Courses VS Our Barbering Training Course Diploma Award

When choosing which type of barbering training course is best for you, first look at all the options available. Barbering School Manchester does not offer NVQ barbering courses, and for good reason. Not everyone needs to hold an NVQ barbering qualification, infact its estimated that over 40% of barbers working in the industry have been trained by private barbering training companies and hold alternative nvq barbering certifications such as diplomas and certificates of achievement. Unless an employer specifically requests NVQ barbering qualifications, you have a much wider choice of excellent barbering training courses to choose from.

Candidates choose to learn barbering at our evening barbering courses because:
  • We focus on hands on training 
  • You get much more practical hands on experience
  • Smaller classes = more one to one time with your tutor 
  • Adaptable and modern training - we are not required to follow a rigid and sometimes outdated national syllabus 
  • No theory exams 
  • No coursework
  • Learn from highly experienced barbering tutors with 30+ years experience
  • We can give you advice on starting your own business
  • We guarantee you will be able to cut hair at a level which exceeds NVQ barbering course standards

College Barbering Courses in Manchester VS Our Barbering Courses

Do you want to start a career as a professional, in demand, high quality barber ? If you are currently in employment, running your own business or have other responsibilities in the day time then it may seem impossible for you to change careers. 

The current offerings for evening barbering courses which are available at local FE colleges can be described as inadequate. Large groups of students and only 1 tutor, very little hands on experience actually cutting hair, too much focus on lectures and theory, unsuitable training schedules and many other problems. Some college barbering students may be scoring 100% in theory work but still struggle to actually delivery a high quality hair cut. We know what it takes to produce a high quality, skilled barber and the students which are trained by many of the local colleges are not up to our high standards. We often take on students who are 'qualified' but still cannot cut hair due to lack of skill and confidence. We ensure that every person who receives a Diploma from our academy is able to cut hair to a very high standard.

More people are turning to private barbering training course providers like Barbering School Manchester for their barbering education where we focus on practical hands on training.

We understand not everybody can attend barbering training courses during the day time, so with the help of our talented and experienced barbering teaching team, we have developed a range of part time barbering courses, more specifically, night time evening barbering courses in Manchester and the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester & Cheshire. 

Barbering School can help you become a fully certificated, insured, high quality barber and earn a great income while meeting new people and further developing your skills.

Why choose our part time evening barbering courses?
  • You don't need to take time off work
  • Continue with your current commitments
  • Hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Learn from highly experienced barbering tutors with decades of experience
  • Be part of a small, dedicated and enthusiastic training group
  • Receive lots of hands on practice working in realistic barbering environments
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