Q. Where are your courses located ?

A. Our training courses are taught at locations in or around Manchester and Cheshire. The location will depend on which course you choose and the date of training.

Q. How do I book a shaving training course ?

A. Bookings can only be made by telephone. Please call our customer services team on freephone 0800 118 5021. 

Q. What dates do you have available ?

A. Exact training dates are available by calling our customer services team on freephone 0800 118 5021. Each course information page does have a list of months in which that particular course is available but for the exact training dates you will need to speak to customer services as dates can sometimes change due to demand and other circumstances. We are not able to provide training dates via email.

Q. How do I pay for a course ?

A. We accept payments by bank transfer. We will provide you with our payment details and instructions at the time of booking. You are required to pay 50% of the course fees when booking and the balance is due when you arrive at the training location at the start the course. The balance must be paid on arrival before starting any training course and can be paid by cash or cleared bank transfer.

Q. Do you accept government / non government funding/grants ?

A. Unfortunately we do not accept any kind of government or non government funding/grants, even if you are approved by the funding organisation.

Q. Do you offer finance or instalments ?

A. We do not offer any finance or instalments. You must be able to fully fund the course yourself.

Q. Do you have parking available at your training locations ?

A. Yes there is plenty of free parking spaces available.

Q. I do not have any previous experience, which course is suitable for me ?

A. Any of our shaving courses are suitable for beginners.

Q. Will I be using a cut throat razor ?

A. Yes. (except for our level 1 basic shaving course, this will be using a safety razor)

Q. Do you provide hot towel shaving courses ?

A. Yes we do.

Q. I do have some shaving experience, are your courses still suitable for me ?

A. Yes, they will help you redefine your skills and provide you with fresh ideas.

Q. I am a hairdresser and want to add shaving to my skills, which course is suitable for me ?

A. We recommend our 2 day deluxe shaving course.

Q. I am unsure if I should choose group classes, private or customised ?

A. Group classes are the most cost effective option and many people benefit from working together with other like minded people. In some situations group classes may be unsuitable, for example, if you have special learning needs or if you already have some experience in shaving then it might be better to take a private class. 

Private classes are ideal if you get distracted by other people and want to focus 100% with just you and the tutor. You may also choose private classes for other reasons. 

Customised classes are designed to work around you, the dates and times of the course can be adjusted to fit around your schedule. These classes are more expensive but offer the best flexibility and come with private tuition.

If you are still not sure which option is best for you, speak to our customer services team on freephone 0800 118 5021.

Q. Will I receive a certificate on completion of a barbering training course ?

A. Yes all our courses come with a certificate on completion of the course.

Q. Do I need to bring my own equipment ?

A. We provide all the equipment that you will need to train with. If you already have your own shaving tools you may bring them along but this is not mandatory.

Q. Do I need to provide any models ?

A. No you do not. We provide all the models for you to practice on.

Q. How many models will I practice on ?

A. We ensure you practice on a minimum of 3 models per day.

Q. Are there any hidden fee's ?

A. No.

Q. Can I attend the training school before I book a course ?

A. Unfortunately you cannot attend any of our training schools without a confirmed booking. We are a small independent training provider and we pride ourselves on providing quality teaching by experienced barbering tutors. Our course locations are staffed only by our tutors who are busy dedicating their time and attention to the students they are teaching. It would be unfair to the paying students to have their training time interrupted by visitors. You should bare in mind we are not a large institution like your local college who may offer open days/evenings before you choose to enrol on a course. You would need to make a decision based on the information provided on our website and after speaking with our helpful customer services team who can answer all your questions and provide you with additional information.

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